Fine Art Photography Awards
Fine Art Photography Awards is made up of 20 categories divided for professional and amateur level of expertise.

Intended for the presentation of photographs using the perspective, movement, light, forms, colours and textures of observed reality to obtain different meanings and associations, having no direct connection with the physical world.

Photographs of buildings, including facades and internals, in full or their details, as well as urban landscapes and topographies of man-made environments.

Focusing on photographs from a planned and directed creative process, including pictures illustrating the artist’s idea, message or emotions through visual and narrative functions.

Dedicated to photographers whose strength is experimenting with photography as a medium and a process, setting new directions in art, expanding the field of application and using the range of old and innovatively experimental techniques, as well as exploring the limits of photography.

Dedicated to fashion and beauty photography - a combination of portrait, product and artistic photography. It includes commissioned, self-commissioned, studio and outdoor sessions.

For people artistically presenting their creative vision, distinguishing themselves through originality and their unusual approach. It’s a place dedicated to presenting new aesthetics and an innovative approach.

This category is intended for the artistic presentation of landscapes understood as spaces in the world - sometimes massive, sometimes microscopic. Landscapes usually reflect the presence of nature but can also focus on spaces created by man or co-created by man and nature.

Focusing on presenting the world of animate and inanimate nature through photography - both natural and dealing with the consequences of human activity and anthropogenic changes.

For photographers focusing on night photos, showing everything that surrounds a person after dark. The night sky, natural and city landscapes presented uniquely, as well as the creative use of the lack of natural light to create original visions of reality.

Focusing on showing the human body in such a way as to represent beauty, emotions and most significant weaknesses. Photographs representing origin, identity and gender through the prism of the body, or the human body as an independent object of art.

A category that gives the opportunity to present everything not included in the other proposed fields.

A category dedicated to photos in panoramic format format on any topic.

Focusing on people, individuals and groups. Photographs showing the way of living, spending time and community culture.

For photojournalism, both commissioned and self-commissioned, presenting known and unknown current events, conflicts, political and social topics, news or personal investigations as well as the intimate narratives of everyday life.

Category for photomontages and collages, transporting to moments of an unreal world. Images are composed of several photographs or generated elements, combined in either a digital or analogue manner, as well as with the use of special effects.

A category focusing on showing a person, their personality, emotions or lifestyle. Photography focused on a single person or group, capturing a character in the perfect lighting, background and pose - including self-portraits.

Aimed at photographers focusing on seascapes, presenting the space associated with water and the views that come with it.

A category which presents quickly captured moments directly related to everyday life, mainly in the city and public spaces. Photographs taken on the streets of cities and towns, showing all sides of people’s outside lives, everyday struggles and efforts through portraits and graphic shots.

Aimed at photographers focusing on people and their habits, cultures, landscapes or newly discovered places from all over the world.

Focusing on images of wild animals in their natural habitats or pets, working animals, those kept in zoos or microscopic ones seen with the use of special equipment.